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Commercial / Retail Fixtures

Al’s Cabinets, Inc. has an established background manufacturing differing types of retail display fixtures.  Thanks to our state of the art equipment, and design software coupled with our 3+ decades of expertise we are able to provide an extensive list of options as well as exacting quality. Currently we are producing retail display fixtures for a number of clients, including a large store-in-store rollout for a well-known national retailer with over 1,000 US locations. This project began in 2010 and it is anticipated that it will run through 2017. Successful projects have been installed in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Minnesota along with many other states.

In addition to Retail Display fixtures Al’s Cabinets, Inc. also possesses an extensive background in commercial fixtures and cabinetry. Al’s Cabinets, Inc. has been producing commercial fixtures and cabinetry for over 30 years for a varying degree of companies and institutions. Al’s Cabinets, Inc. has experience designing and manufacturing commercial fixtures and cabinetry for a varying degree of companies and institutions; including auto dealers, office buildings, medical clinics, restaurants, and much more. Some of our current and previous clients include; Mauer Chevrolet, 3M, Lifetouch Studios, and Valor Petroleum. We are fully capable to fulfill a wide variety of requests including reception counters, conference room tables, custom modular office systems, box cabinets, as well as complete custom cabinet solutions. For more information regarding past projects or our facility please follow the links below.


Al’s Cabinets, Inc. possesses both the expertise and proficiency to produce and ship to according to your schedule. Our team of design engineers is adept at reading blueprints and fitting your cabinet solutions or fixture systems to fit the appropriate footprint. You will find our team here at Al’s Cabinets, Inc. thrives off our understanding that good communication, value engineering, and on-time delivery are staples in this industry.

Let Al’s show you how personalized service, on-time performance, exacting quality, industry competitive pricing can help to bring quantifiable results to your bottom line and help to improve your peace of mind. For bids, proposals or just to discuss a conceptual project, please feel free to call or email Bruce Knight.

Bruce Knight:

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